It is so wonderful to have the streamer accessory. I am able to talk on the phone with my daughter for an hour and a half and do other things around the house and not have to hold my phone up to my ear. I could also hear my brother’s every word and he is 96 years old and he could hear me, as well! It is just absolutely fabulous. I’ve told everyone I know about how pleased I am with my hearing aids and my hearing healthcare with Dr. Tarvin at Davis Audiology.

~ Mary Lou Lewis

Dr. Tarvin, Once again I want to thank you for assisting me to a new world of hearing. I was so appreciative that you made me feel at home and not awkward in any way. Your personality is perfect for your profession. I am so happy with my hearing aids. I fought getting help for some time for several reasons. I found each of the reasons to be false as they did not apply at all. I am thrilled and so is my family. I would certainly recommend and of my friends or acquaintances to come to you. Thank you again for your personable help.

~ Vera Sittler

Dr. Tarvin, church was wonderful! Everything was clear and I haven’t heard the children’s sermon so clearly in years. From where I sit, the children’s group is way across and it was just like they were sitting on my row with me.

~ Frances Blue

Sometimes its nice to know that there are really happy and really satisified people who wear hearing aids.  Here is a sample of a few of those people.

“Having received attention; equipment from two audiologists prior to seeing Dr. Davis, I found a world of difference in the methodology, attention, & equipment – I now consider my hearing aids a good investment! An important feature of Davis Audiology is the continuing care!”

~ Tom Law , Greer, SC

“After two negative hearing aid experiences, I was referred to Davis (Greer) Audiology by my primary care physician.  I found Kristin Davis to be a very professional and unassuming practitioner, with no sales pressure or gimmicks.  She immediately instills confidence and trust.  I would, without hesitation, highly recommend Kristin for those experiencing hearing difficulties and expect them to become like me, a very grateful and satisfied patient.”

~ Philip Gauthier

“Impaired hearing is more than an inconvenience. It’s a real disability.  My most common words were, “What did you say?” My wife’s main complaint was, “Would you turn the TV down?”  Dr. Davis has improved my quality of life! She did a very thorough; professional evaluation of my problem and fit me with a comfortable, inconspicuous hearing aid that has brought back happy days!  The follow up care has been outstanding.”

~ Larry McCalla, M.D., Greenville, SC

“As in the past, I continue to have great care and service with Dr. Davis! She understands the hearing issues (Meniere’s) I experience – she is a pro for hearing situations.”

~ John Taylor, Simpsonville, SC

“Your hearing affects your quality of life more than people realize. When I take my hearing aids out at night I am now aware of how much I am missing-nature sounds such as rainstorms, birds…. My wife & I are so thankful Dr. Davis was here to help me! The public needs to know when it comes to your hearing you don’t need a salesman you need a professional, a Doctor of Audiology. I highly recommend Dr. Davis!”

~ Miles Mauldin, Greer, SC

“My old hearing aids were just not doing the job anymore. I went to Dr. Davis, she tested my hearing, and I purchased my new hearing aids. I am very pleased with them and even more pleased with the service she provides.”

~ Lewis R. Vaughn, Greer, SC