Upstate Hearing Meetup

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The “Upstate Hearing Meetup” is a community for individuals with an interest in discussing topics including hearing, communication, brain science, etc.

Beverly Zwahlen, a hearing-well advocate who’s led a successful life with hearing loss facilitates these monthly meetings at our office for the entire community. “Upstate Hearing Meetup” is held once a month, typically on the 4th Thursday, and covers a variety of topics with the goal of empowering individuals with hearing loss. You can find out more about these through our website, FaceBook page, our email newsletters, or by joining the group at This group is sponsored by Davis Audiology and occurs monthly in a relaxed and supportive environment with light refreshments. The meetings cover a variety of topics but the main goal it to provide a space for community outreach for those with hearing loss, tinnitus, and communication difficulties and their families and friends or anyone that is interested in learning more about each topic. Some topics that will be covered include: communication strategies, the stigma of hearing loss, alleviate despair and isolation due to low hearing ability, legal rights, etc. We will also have other skilled members of the community come in to talk about issues that are important to the members. Please join us and invite your spouse or any friends that you feel would benefit from the event.

RETURNING FALL 2022 – Details to follow