What To Expect

Everyone is a little nervous the first time they visit someplace new. We want your visit with us to be as stress free as possible. Here’s a little bit of what you can expect.

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How to Help a Loved One

33 million Americans suffer with some degree of hearing loss. Which means that more than 33 million people are in the same boat you’re in. They live with, know and/or love someone with hearing loss.

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Patient Stories

Sometimes it’s nice to know that there are really happy, really satisfied people who just happen to wear hearing aids..

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Hearing Aids

The truth, if you are hearing impaired, you will benefit from wearing hearing aids, period. How much benefit will depend on many factors.

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Hearing Library

Some things we all want to know but didn’t know who to ask about hearing loss and hearing aids.

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Our Gift to You

We’re thrilled you chose to visit our website. A simple thank you just isn’t enough. Please accept this gift (it’s a coupon) as our way of saying thank you for visiting.

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Our Reviews Speak for Us

We provide great hearing healthcare. See what our patients have said about us on these hearing aid and audiology directories.

Please download these forms to complete at home. We understand that no one likes paperwork (we don’t like paperwork either). We provide the forms online to make your visit to our office a little less complicated for you. Please don’t forget to bring the forms with you when you come to the office for your visit.

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The Best Places To Retire In 2016

Jun 30, 2016

Thanks to the aging of the Baby Boomers–that huge generation born between 1946 and 1964–there probably never has been more interest in retirement issues than now. With that in mind, Forbes presents a list of The 25 Best Places To Retire In 2016. via The Best Places To Retire In 2016 – Forbes.


Why You Should Bring Someone With You to Your Hearing Test

Jun 30, 2016

You called our office and scheduled an appointment.  Depending on the nature of the appointment, we may have suggested that you bring someone with you to the appointment.   You might be wondering why we made the suggestion. Why Bring Someone With You? This is not because we think that you can’t handle the appointment on your own. So, let me explain to you why it’s so important to bring someone with you on the day we evaluate your hearing. Hearing loss doesn’t just affect the person with the hearing


What Happens When You Hear Socially Meaningful Sounds?

Jun 28, 2016

Hearing socially meaningful sounds can change the ear and enable it to better detect those sounds.  The findings could have important implications for elderly people in nursing homes. via Medical News Today


6 Steps to Communicate Better if You Have a Hearing Loss

Jun 27, 2016

By following some simple rules of thumb, you can put yourself in a position to hear better and communicate more easily. via Six Steps Those With Hearing Loss Can Take to Communicate Better.


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