Hearing Protection

Protecting your ears from loud noise is essential to prevent hearing loss and lessen the likelihood of existing hearing loss worsening. If you are frequently exposed to an environment where noise levels are above 85 decibels, it’s important that you have proper hearing protection. Here are some examples of products designed to last while providing exceptional protection and improved comfort in loud environments.

Custom earmolds and earplugs

Custom earmolds and earplugs are necessary to accommodate the different shapes of ears. With custom earmolds and earplugs, sound leakage is less of an occurrence, even when dealing with noisy environments. Earmolds are in the exact shape of the patient’s ears, providing comfort, a better fit and more effective protection. When the technology is applied to earplugs, users gain similar benefits. With products like swimmer’s earplugs that keep water out of the ear, a custom fit further strengthens the earplug. These same benefits follow products that are made to keep wind, sound and debris out of the ear canal.

Musician’s earplugs and monitors

Not only can musicians suffer from hearing loss, but their chance of experiencing tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is 57% higher than average. Pitch-perception problems associated with hearing loss can compromise the career of a professional musician. Why take the chance when you can invest in a solution?

Musicians who do not need amplified playback in their ears may benefit from custom-fitted earplugs. The plugs consist of a small diaphragm that reduces sound frequency and volume evenly across the spectrum. Standard plugs mute high-frequency sounds, distort voices and make the timbre of music dull. Musician earplugs solve this problem by using filters to make specific sounds in the music spectrum softer, while not muffling every sound.

Perfect for musicians, performers and sound engineers, In-Ear Monitors have revolutionized the music industry for their ability to protect hearing while delivering clear and consistent sound. In-ear monitors are a full replacement for the older wedge monitors that were used to monitor music. Monitors in the ear project sound to the musician in the same tone that the audience would hear it. In a packed club or stadium, things can get loud, leading to missed queues or damaged ears. They have been praised by professionals and enthusiasts alike for their ability to eliminate feedback, lower on-stage noise levels and increase freedom of movement.

Occupational Plugs

Hearing protection

Hearing protection is available for all industries, hobbies and professions. All of the options from Davis Audiology can be custom fit for the best performance:

  • iCustom: an addition to earbud/button style earphones to nullify loud sounds
  • DefendEar series: made for hunters and other outdoor activities
  • Occupational: mandatory for several hard labor industries
  • Surf/Swimmers: floats on water and also prevents water from entering the ear
  • Motorsport: stops wind buffeting when traveling at high speeds
  • Sleep: nullifies snoring and other environmental sounds while sleeping
  • Music: balances important tones without affecting the natural sound of music
DefendEar Hunter