Hearing Wellness Screener

In an effort to bring hearing healthcare into the forefront and couple it with a person’s overall
wellness, we are pleased to introduce our new hearing wellness screening tool. The American Speech-Language and Hearing Association recommends everyone over the age of 55 years have their hearing screened. At Davis Audiology we believe your hearing is just as important as your eyes and your teeth which we all get checked annually at ages much younger than 55. We’re here to help educate the public that hearing is just as important and should be a part of everyone’s personal wellness program. By promoting hearing wellness, Davis Audiology hopes to raise awareness in the community about the importance of hearing healthcare, hearing loss prevention, and proactive treatment of  hearing issues as early intervention is key to maintaining and optimizing communication benefit.

What Next??

If a person fails their hearing wellness screening, we recommend a diagnostic hearing evaluation be performed in office. This will provide a baseline examination, communication needs assessment, and discussion of the next steps for that patient to maximize their communication potential. Diagnostic testing is often covered by a patient’s health insurance when performed by an audiologist.

  1. Contact US if your hearing wellness screening results indicate need for further evaluation
  2. Return to our site annually to monitor your hearing wellness if your results were within normal limits

Take The Hearing Screener Now!