The quick answer to this question is definitive: yes. Rechargeable hearing aids do work. They work in the way that they will help you hear more clearly. They also work in the way that they are easy to use, recharging is simple and they are as powerful as they need to be. If you are still not convinced and need to know more information, here are a few reasons why you should consider rechargeable hearing aids and why they are so easy to use.

Are They Dependable?

That is the first question many people may ask about rechargeable hearing aids. A lot of people who have diminished hearing and rely on the device to hear as they go about their usual day are apprehensive that the battery will simply die in the middle of the day and they will be left unable to hear. That is a reasonable fear, but rechargeable batteries don’t simply die for no reason.

It is true that rechargeable hearing aids do require a different kind of care. With normal battery powered hearing aids, you can take them out at night and put them back in the morning. With rechargeable hearing aids, if you forget to charge them, they will lose power. As long as you remember to charge them, you shouldn’t have any issues.

How Do I Take Care of Them?

Taking care of your hearing aids is quite simple because you would take care of them as you would take care of any device that is important to you:

  • The first rule of thumb for caring for your rechargeable hearing aids is simple: keep them on the charger. In order for them to always have the proper amount of battery life, whenever you are not wearing them, charge them. It takes about three to four hours for the hearing aids to be fully charged, so when you are sleeping is the best time to charge them.
  • If for any reason you take them off and they are not put on their charger, you are risking the batteries dying. Always keep them charged.
  • A lot of hearing aids, if not all hearing aids, have special wires that make them work. When you first received your hearing aids, or when you receive your hearing aids, your audiologist will direct you as to how they work and how to prevent damage to them. Hearing aids have a lot of important mechanisms that help them work. Take proper care of the wires because if they break during charging or when taking your hearing aids in or out of your ears, you will have to replace them.
  • Also always keep your hearing aids clean and dry so that they won’t sustain any damage on the outside or on the inside that will prevent them from working.

Do the Batteries Ever Get Changed?

This is another quick answer: yes. Even though you can recharge your batteries time and time again, there will come a time when the battery needs to be changed to ensure that the battery you have is always in top condition, can be recharged regularly and will not give out on you when you need it the most.

If your hearing aid uses silver-zinc batteries they will definitely need to be changed at one time or another. In order to do this properly so that your battery has a long life, make sure your hands are washed, the hearing aid is clean and the battery compartment is clean and dry. It is also best to let your batteries sit out for a bit to get to the right temperature before you put them into your hearing aid.

How Often Do I Charge My Hearing Aids?

Once per day. One charge will give you a full 24-hour charge, but you won’t be wearing your hearing aids for 24 hours, so you’ll never have to worry about your hearing aids not working. It only takes a few hours to achieve a full charge, so charge them at night when you are asleep and as soon as you wake up in the morning, you are good to go.

If you are someone who does not need to wear your hearing aids all the time, make the charger their home so they are always fully charged and ready to go when you need them.

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